MyExtensions folder in myProjects

its really borring to find extensions and upload into project.and do it again again for every project.
why not we have an extensions folder near projects folder.
everyone can put there their aix files.and give description to every aix.
can drag aix into projects instantly.

create a dummy project and import all the extensions you want
to start a new project, just use that dummy project and all your loved extensions are already there



I think users(developers) are becoming lazy over time.
It’s strange to see topics like this.
Can’t you upload an extension for more than once?
Is it so difficult to do?
I think no it is not so difficult.

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yes you are right. i just thought it can be more convince .

if there will be any folder like that then all people will just use the extension from therein, which will make developer not to visit the website of extension developer and the chances of donation to extension developer decrease. Which will be unfair for Extension Developers

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What the fluid story is that we sometimes use the same add-on in more than one project

We upload the extension every time

It is annoying to me that sometimes after lifting the add-on does not work until rebooted kodular

Or show Screen and Screen no

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It would not be bad, maybe solve a small mistake that happens to me

What happens to me is that when adding an extension I always have to reload the site

“Internal error has occurred. Do you want to report an anomaly?”

That delays me a little because my project can take up to 10 minutes to load.

After that I could say that it works “normally”

If your internet connection is slow then it can take time to load.
I can upload extension and reload creator in less than 30 seconds :grinning:

I have a slow Internet
50 Kbps


All you have to do is create a folder in your computer and save extensions on it and when you need to go back to this folder such as drag and infused​:+1:


3 sec



I don’t know how their internet works, Sorry.


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I have this issue when using Firefox, but with Chrome it’s normal!

folder will be empty first. you will go developer website and download it. an put that into in everyone’s folder will be own extensions.
and you can drag extensions to project .that was my thought.
but everybody hate extension folder :slight_smile:

Sometimes after importing extension I see that dialog in Chrome not everytime I import an extension.
Firefox is really disappointing in this:disappointed:

everybody doing it right now already.

Please post the error report in a new topic so that I can take a look.

The time it takes to upload an extension is less then 2 minutes.
The time developers put into extension is at least 1 hour (I think).

Please give them a small amount of your freetime finding and downloading their extensions!

You can save the extensions in a folder on your device, you don’t need to find them again and again.

this topic over.