Need an urgent help in admob

I need your urgent help I have upload an app on playstore and it has got 122 download till now in 1 day

As a result the admob was showing this suddenly it’s showing ad limit… What should I do now

It’s is because you got download from social media or any other source.

Just keep on increasing your audience…
Is it showing ads properly??

Take a look at the policy you violated (I mean ehy that message was showing). Then you will find a link in policy center to fix the problem.

It’s not a problem

Only the no of ads are limited which means that he’ll recieve ads according to users…

Yes the user might have blocked the ads in his/her device

He violated a policy maybe.

He hasn’t violated any policy…
It happened with me too and it’s showing ads properly…

@INSTA_REPAIR just ignore it and increase your users…
That’s what I’ve done and now it’s working perfectly…

I have decrease my number of ads in app as earlier it was one inter with one click now with 4 click 1int will come will this method be helpful or should keep the no of ads same

I am getting 100+ download from last 2 days so when my ads will be back

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I didn’t done anything like that

it will be kind to be more kind and telling atleast where your App stands in the Trending list.

Because i am dying Scrolling and Checking every New App but they don’t look are made with Kodular.
And they have atleast 100k Downloads.
Surely you will reach that mark but not so so quickly.

Or simply tell us your App,
We will also try it.
If it is getting so many Downloads in a Day it will definitely be usefull or worth trying.
And i don’t want to miss such a useful App.

Once again it will be kind if you don’t get offended.


When you’ll get users…

And as you told that your app got 100+ downloads so it should show ads for sure…

It happened when my user acquisitions crossed 122 Now user Acquision is 256 active install 78 yesterday also 1.1k ads request and only 50 impression ecpm iss 0.01 and Earning is zero and as of now morning inn india 102 ad request 0 impression ad limit is there

Can you (and other users) see ads in your app??
If yes, then ignore it

yes i got 50 imp yesterday with 1.1k ad request

Ok then there’s no need to worry

earning is 0 manbir