Any Solution for admob ads limit?

The number of ads i can show in my app. Any Solution for admob ads limit?

My account is also limited since August 23. They have written it will only take about a month time. But its already 1 and half month time but limitation is not removed. My friend suggested me that writing a feedback including the screenshot of date of notice will remove accounts limitation. Hope so my accounts limitation will be removed.

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My account is also limited since August 2019 till now
Now I shifted to Facebook audience network.
Facebook audience network is best.


How is this relevant to Kodular? Shouldn’t you be asking Google Admob about that? The only solution Kodular can give you is what @lxmipaudel said and switch ads network.
By the way, why was your account suspended?


Thanks for your reply. My account not suspended, just ads serving limited. I don’t know how to solve this issue. I switch to Facebook audience network. But there is a sdk problem in kodular. Facebook new Sdk is 6.1 but kodular not update it yet. I’m waiting for kodular latest sdk update regarding Facebook audience network. :neutral_face:

I’m connected with Admob along with an Adwords manager since one week regarding some consultation. Hopefully I will get a chance to ask a few questions about these type of issues. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Does this work for you,

if so

Please explain us

Mine to Ad-Limit has crossed 1 month.

Now I am really frustrated, and really don’t know what to do next

Have you asked any question

What’s there reply