Need help regarding list view that loads from a database

Howdy, i have a app with dynamic listview. i first load a single column from airtable which normally takes 1-3 secs and after that i create a listview using Custom listview by @Souvik_Bera. upon creating the listview it takes like 1-3 secs depending on the amount of index. the list contains text (x3) and a image which the listview is able to load asynchronously.

so in total it takes about 3-6 secs only in loading the listview completely. can someone give any suggestion to imrpove the speed and reduce the delay?

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You can load 3-4 items one time. It may decrease the loading time as well as will give users a smooth experience.

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Thanks for the reply. i’ll try to do this and see the results. really appreciate your help.

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How can we load data from airtable like recycleview. Any idea???

you can make almost any type of view if you’ve learned to use that extension.

Dynamic Grid with Recycle View | Free AIA try this :grin: