Nothing happens with the block "When Spinner .after Selecting"

Hello, I configured these blocks for my application in Makeroid, but when I export to apk and testo the function on my cell phone, nothing happens! The elements are created, but the selection function is not working.


I’m trying to create a kind of popup menu in my application, and I have not found a better option than the drop down list for this, if you know other alternatives to this, please give me a tip.


You can set the Elements without “make a list”. Use a txtString and type your words like this : “Excluir, Info”
And btw. use “set Spinner . ElementsFromString to”.
Try to change the “Elements From String” in the “DESIGNER” Section.


Is your spinner visible, if not then after selecting wont fire.

a working example of spinner visible but hidden SpinnerTest.aia (1.8 KB).



spinner is visible and also items selected from string but for first time section of first item not works, and if item 2 selected, then next time again if item 2 select then this not works, what is the reason, i also tried that after selection , > after process selection index 0 , but still not works, need to be select other item which is not selected before…

Yes, that is how the spinner works

is there any solution to bypass this