Nothing here nothing

You want $50 for something that is not even proven?

Just4Fun Peter

nothing here sorry loll

@Xoma Mind how you talk to Peter. He’s one of the most respected people around here.


but… its my app

My first app from Kodular
But Sorry Peter
And we give 10-25% of our earnings

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Developers have a moral responsibility to make good, useful apps. From what I can see you have way too many banner ADs (3 in one screenshot).

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how much ads should i keep?

Ideally one, with a maximum of two.

that means i should remove 1 ad??

Looking at your behavior on the community i think you are very young. I guess you want to make easy money and my other guess is that nobody will buy your app for that price.


yes my age is 11 years. Ok i will reduce my app prize to 5$
5$=359.44₹ inr

If you earn 4$ per day, why you want to sell it with 5$?:thinking:

why because admob withdraw minimum limit is 100USD

Wait 25 days and you can withdraw it.

I don’t think he or she is that patient, judging by their attitude. They are demanding money now. :joy:

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Who what i??

If I were you, I wouldn’t drown my own thread with off topic discussions. @Peter could you fork the last few posts to a separate topic?

I dont understand what you are telling

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