Notifier - After Message Dialog Problem or Bug?

Hello experts
I dont get any further. I would like to inform the user in my app that they have no internet connection and after confirmation, the screen should be closed. But the screen doesn’t close? What am I doing wrong?

Thank You!

Thanks for the feedback - a Kodular bug and not a bug in my brain? :slight_smile:
Do you have an idea for a solution?

How can I give solution to u
better to use a clock and close the screen on timer complete

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No, its not a


As mentioned above, the said event is triggered after the ‘Show Custom Message Dialogue’ and not ‘Show Message Dialogue’

More details :point_down:

The block you are using is just to show a simple message to user. It doesn’t returns anything after it gets dismissed

In your case you can use :point_down:

which will return the title of the message dialogue after its dismissal.

Image Source: Notifier - Kodular Docs