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App Details…

App Name: MaX Views
Developed by: Josh M.
Platform: Built with Kodular for Android.

It’s a free and fully high-performance website, a direct link views generator. I am promising that it generates 100% Real traffic and Human Actual Device Based Traffic Generator.

:white_check_mark: Adsense Compatible.
:white_check_mark: 100% Real, No Bots Nothing Harmful.
:white_check_mark: High Performance


  1. Min 2GB Ram.
  2. Min 1GB Rom ( Storage UFS 1.0 - 4.0 ).
  3. It will use 90% CPU & 10% GPU ( If the website has some images and videos ).
  4. A Decent Internet Connection ( Min 20KB/s )
  5. At least Android 5

Pros of this App…

  1. Adsense Compatible.
  2. Supports any URL.
  3. Have Data Saver and 10X Speed Mode.
  4. Works on Low-end Devices.
  5. Works on Slow Internet Speed.
  6. Fully Organic and Real Traffic.

Cons of this App…

  1. Slightly high temperature. (Depends on the Device. )
  2. Somehow 10X Speed needs Good Internet Speed ( More than 500KB/s )
  3. Uses only a single Location ( More Locations are Coming )
  4. Doesn’t work on non-SSL means HTTP://
  5. May have to face unwanted Bugs.
  6. Run it on High-Performance servers. As It can break low-cost hosting sites. But don’t worry as soon as you stop it the server will be normal again.
  7. As Much as You Open the App it will always keep your screen on. ( Negatively affect your battery usage. )


  1. If You have any suggestions let me know in the discussion.
  2. As I guaranteed it’s 100% real traffic generated, If anyone can prove me wrong, I will reward him/her upto 10$.
  3. It will use your Internet quota, Please check usage stats.
  4. If I missed anything then This message will cover it.
  5. I am very sorry if I have done anything wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How it Actually Works ?

It uses Your Mobile Device Resources For example, Your ram and internet to create threads and Virtual Environment in the App and then Runs the URL in the Threads Parallary using your Internet quota. ( Please look into the Usage stat to learn more about the amount )

Is it Safe, Legal and Compitable with Ads ?

The Answer is YES. It is safe and legit as It doesn’t break any Internet viewing experience. It just loads the site in a much faster way. Not auto surf. And it’s Adsense Compitable. ( Tested on my blog site & In a single day it generated more than 12$ and still, ads are loading and working )

How Much Traffic I can generate using it ?

Currently, there’s no limit as it’s under development. But Sure it will be restricted but not for my Kodular Friends. You can generate 9999+ Views in a single instance but you can create unlimited instances every day.

How Much Data it will Consume for Generating Views ?

Don’t worry it’s built for low-end devices and works well at a decent Internet speed.
Generating 100 Views will consume 1Mb - 5Mb ( Not Accurate ) Internet Charges & Upto 80Mb of Ram & ~ 350 mAh of Battery Charges.

What are the things I can do using it ?

You can do many things, You can earn using it. Let me give you some tricks which I am also using. First You can go to Adsterra or any Direct Link Advertiser then Using this Tool send thousands of impressions and make money. Second You can Go to Google and Search for Your website then copy the URL that looks like Google then use this link to get free search results and impressions in this way google will think your website is quite popular and it will rank faster. Third You can charge clients for sending visitors to their website. Many clients need some actual users to check their website and server stability so you can be their options. Fourth, You can Generate a decent amount of traffic on your Adsense-based Blogging site. And there are many more other options you could try. If You know any of them why not share it in the discussion.

Download the Latest Version…

:star2: New Update - v2.0.0 ( Last Updated: 12-03-2023 )

Download APK - v2.0.0 ( 5 MB )



  1. Initial Build.


  1. UI Changes.
  2. Now You can customise your speed.
  3. More Accurate Data Saver.
  4. More Accurate Hits and Measurements.
  5. Solved the Issues of getting servers down by minimising the packet sending size.
  6. Stability and Bugs Fixed.
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Can using it ban the adsense account?

Thank You so Much for Your message.

Never, Not at All. I have already mentioned, I used it first and then listed it here. I earned more than 12$ in a single day using this tool. And Still, Ads are running.

I used the app on my unmonetized website and it worked fine. Afraid of getting ban. Can’t use it on my monetize site. But it is very good to build traffic

bitcoin hunter hehe

Thank You For Your Message.

But I have tested it in 5 - 6 Sites those are using Adsense, Adsterra and Taboola. All are working super fine. And still ads working and giving me revenue.

And You will be shocked that I have updated this app in this way that even Cloudflare and Google Bot Identifier can’t found it as Bot and its not a Bot I already mentioned. Its just create threads and load the same page multiple time thats it.

I will post the Latest Update then Let me Know If You found any Bug or Anything. And the Newer Update works more computably.

Thank You fo Your Message.

Its not a Bitcoin hunter buddy. Please check it first and let me know if you found anything wrong.

I can suggest a sinple method. Go to Adstetra and other Sites those Provides Direct Link ads then Use the Link and My App to earn some side income. I am also using this thing and it works perfectly for me. I have one extra half dead phone which I used to run this app and after 2 days today my total Impression is 19K+ and my earning is more than 18$. Its just a simple trick. And they can’t even understand wheather its autosurf or any bot because Its 100% real traffic using real resources and time.

I’ll scan connections first with snifer and make sure it’s not a hidden bitcoin hunter

Thank You so Much for Your response.

Definitely If you found anything wrong let me know, and I will reward you with 10$ in Paypal or any way you want.

I am waiting for your message.

Hi, I tried your app on a altervista site (with wordpress) but it doesn’t work, is there a reason?

Thank You So Much For Your Message.

If You Increase the Speed boost to 12 threads then this may happen.

Ok, I will check it. And Can You please share some details…

  1. Your site address.
  2. Which MaX Views App version you used?
  3. How you measured that the App is not Working?

Let me know these details then I will look into it

My Experience with Altervista was quite horrible.

These are the things I have faced during creating an altervista site. And as far as I checked that this site only allows traffic from some selected locations. But It will not affect the app because it also uses your location and your ISP so I think the problem is in Cloudflare that it’s blocking every request. I think I have to look into it.

And please share Your web address so that I can fix this issue ASAP.

I tested the app with google analytics, and it simply ignores the user after 10 minutes, as if the user is not connected. I think I should jump to other pages on the site, simulating a normal user.

Thank You so Much for Your message.

I would like to know whether You found it as a so-called bitcoin hunter.

I think it could be a feature, I am simply thinking of giving an update tomorrow or overmorrow. Thanks for your suggestions.

I think this is because of the threads. The threads are not working properly. This app isn’t asking for any permission, my true hope is to make something that is fully private. And that’s why the app uses only a small amount of ram and creates threads of 10 - 20 seconds till you open the app screen ( doesn’t work in the background ). But don’t worry I noted everything and I will try to fix them in the next Update.

Along with this, I have the plan to create an automated backlink generator, so don’t worry I am on the way… : )

Nice way to fool people.

No, Its not safe.

I can prove it.

Lets see how your app work?

  • Change User Agent > Load website (After some successful request modify the URL) > Repeat.

How to get many User Agents list ?


User Agent

URL Modification

Should i use it?

The Answer is NO. Its nice try to manipulate ad network (Adsense and etc). But the company isn’t fool, Because all requests are being sent from the same IP, You are just changing the User Agent not the device info like (Current battery status, level and etc). And its possible to get device info from JavaScript.

Maybe it’s enough to prove.


This is not proof that it is compatible… Adsense will usually pay even when rules are broken but as soon as it is noticed they deduct the money and close your account. And please explain how this is real traffic? It’s the exact opposite. Not trying to be hostile, you don’t seem malicious, just misinformed.

I can maybe see this being okay for testing purposes, but to generate ad revenue, absolutely not.

Thank You for your message.

I am using the web viewer component here. And if you look further into the work of the web viewer component in Android, it creates threads in the CPU and thus I said this. And the thing is that it’s creating a virtual environment then please check Android docs when a browser like chrome or any web viewer component runs, it creates its own environment for the network and all other things.

As far as I researched before creating this app. It says that Google uses their own bot detection algorithm all over the Google network. There’s a line that If the user IP is hidden and if the user agents are not valid then Google will mark them as Bots and not even analytics will find them perfectly.
Similarly, In my case, I am using perfectly updated User agents and even I mentioned that this app will use your own Internet quota and all resources. There are hundreds of similar apps used by Top Marketers like Neil Patel and al. Just to fool google and get thousands of millions of page views.

Yes, I am waiting for the proof. But sorry buddy I don’t think that it’s legit proof from your side.
See if I will create a normal web viewer using an updated user agent and then view any page and refresh the page after every 5 or 10 seconds then whether it is real traffic or bot?

For me, Bot traffic means automated traffic generation using some virtual locations, and machines and using some sort of Malformed Java codes that hide your real IPv4 and create a virtual IPv6 here. Even those IPs are already blacklisted. And only then Google will tag it as a malformed site and can also suspend your whole google account. I think you heard of Offshore hosting. You can try purchasing any Offshore hosting and check their IP if it is backlisted by Google and Sucuri. If Yes, then Let me know. Because all those bots are hosting their sites using offshore hosting. Even Last year because of this backlisting thing Cloudflare have to pay millions of dollars to because a simple malformed bot was using Cloudflare to decrypt web.archive servers.

But there’s nothing like in my case. I am showing the actual IPv4 and then also showing verified User Agents.

And the second thing of changing URLs with UTM Parameters ( URL Parameters are the main parts in Google Analytics ). I strongly believe that Google Index is very bad at ranking sites than Being. Google ranks sites based on their analytics less than their content. For example, if you have a site with 100 page views monthly and have all the needed SEO tweaks Google with never rank it even if You have a unique keyword. Instead, it will first check whether your site is connected with Google analytics and then it will rank depending on your website traffic.

I know many small websites, and blogs are facing the same issue. And this tool improved a lot for them. Using this tool anyone can generate or you can say view the page 200 - 300 times per day ( Lowest ) and almost 200x30 = 6000 Page views Monthly. Then I think Google will Rank it faster because of its popularity than the first one which had only 100 Page views monthly.

I think You should read how Google detects auto surf in Adsense. In the first statement, they mentioned that if any request comes from Malformed or Backlisted IPs then they will take some action against your account. Second thing is that they will not suspend you if you are viewing your website. But will suspend if you are viewing and also clicking on Ads using the same IP address. And unfortunately there no option in my App that it will click on your site, but to act normally as a human it simply scrolls down to 50% and it helps adsense to feel that a real human is viewing the website.

Just think normally, Ok…

First, as an Advertiser, you want 1000 Views within 2 days on your Website and that’s what you paid at Google Ads. Now Google Adsense will start promoting the Website Ad to its publishers for completing the milestone of 1000 views within 2 days. Now if anything comes up and completes the Ad Campaign within 12 hours using any software. Now there’s a big slot for google to promote another website ad at the same time. So Now My Question is " Will it profit Google? If Yes then why Google will block the App for such a reason? And If Google Blocks it then why other Ads Networks are there even though they are charging a super high amount than Google? "

And one more thing, I also believe that Google didn’t want to expose their actual way of detecting Bots and auto-surf viewers, So maybe they hid something and shows another thing. But I think before suspending any account Google will first Block the Viewer IP Address from getting ads and then will email that some misbehaviour going on your account as per their terms. They will never suspend any account without any former notice because it will be their loss that they have lost a valuable publisher who was completing their ad campaigns faster and making their company super-rich.

Although I didn’t suggest only going with Adsense. You can try some others Like Adsterra, Taboola, Popunder, Ezmob etc. Yes, I only said that this tool is fully compatible with Adsense terms. This means it’s not breaking any Adsense terms that AdSense will take action on.

If You have any doubts let me know. I am there. I strongly belive what I have written because I have spent 2 months just to be completely sure if it works.

Yes, I know that it’s not proof, I don’t even say that it’s the proof that my app is compatible with Adsense. My App Compatible with Adsense means, My App how it works is totally compatible with Adsense terms. I will list all the things how they block any account…

  1. They will block you if you are viewing your website and clicking on the ads too frequently means your CTR crossed 60% in a single day.
  2. They will not block how many times you visit your website or anyone uses auto-surf because it will give the publisher a very very small amount of impression.
  3. And viewing your own website, means from the same IP wrong? because several persons are using the same Router using the same Public DNS. And moreover, You may be the developer of the site or the blog writer of the site who views your website thousand and millions of times every day just for checking if everything is ok.

These are the main things I meant by the Viewing experience. And I also suggested How You can use it. I never mentioned Adsense there to use as primary. I can openly say that use any other ads network for a good earning.

Thank You for Your message.

Due to exam i don’t have enough time. But in a quick search i found this

I use the same IP as other users. Will this cause a problem?
We understand that you may be using the same computer or sharing an IP address with other users. While we’re unable to disclose any information about how we monitor traffic, please know that, to protect your interests and those of our advertisers, Google continually monitors all clicks and impressions on Google ads to prevent any abuse of the AdSense program. We’ll monitor your situation closely, and your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid.

Thank You for Your message.

I totally understand what you tried to say If I use a different user agent and the same IP then it might get blocked but interestingly it also makes the situation better.

Unfortunately, IP Sharing is not legit and google blocks it. IP Sharing means using one IP and all your friends are using the same IP to generate page views.
It is totally prohibited. And during My app process, it uses your own IP to just view the page which has Google Adsense.

Instead please check this post. I think it suits best.

In this Post, You will find that it’s talking about reload excessively and in a Public Forum, they also mentioned that their reload excessively threshold is only 5000 Milliseconds. And My App works pretty well in 10,000 Milliseconds. And even if It uses Different users and Different UTM parameters to fool Google Adsense that I am coming from different sites using different Browsers and Google will think that they all are Developers from the same country and using the same IP.

Note: Please don’t primarily use it in Adsense, I just mentioned that it is totally suitable with Adsense Terms. But You can see that Google says that they will monitor everything seriously and then they will just pay you for the actual impressions. They didn’t mention anywhere that they will ban or suspend your account because they can’t as there’s no tech to monitor your actual way of working with ads and I have also mentioned that its their benefit, so they will decrease the amount of cost per impression for maybe 24 - 72 hours.