OverScrollLeft doesn’t return any values

Hi koders, I need your help
OverScrollLeft block , doesn’t return any values
Does anyone know the reason

@vknow360 Is this the right place? :wink:

It seems you have over scrolled right only, better try with another variable and scroll left then do it and share it again, if possible.

@Still-learning The same result

Is this colintree extension?

Yes it is :slightly_smiling_face: @Still-learning

I fell no issue




how many items are there in the HSA? Is it more than the width value?



Is your number items exceeds the width of the HSA, if not you won’t get it i think. , If wrong pls correct me someone

pls see this video

If the Items are greater than width Of the HSA.(works fine)

If Items are less than width of the HSA, works only right and not left

Sorry my friend for the delay in replying @Still-learning
HSA just contains one image, it’s not a dynamic component
All I trying to do that when the user swipes left something new will happens
I thought that I can make it by using this extension, is there another way to do that ???

So you want image slider, if so why don’t you consider this

Even this beautiful (overlap extension) extension also can be used as a image slider. Not worked but can be use i think…

Maybe this extension can do that you want.