[PAID]SocketIO Client Extension

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SocketIO Client Extension could be used to make a real-time chat/game app, to record online users amount or user name list, and more

V2 AVAILABLE AT http://www.kevinkun.cn/socketio
[Please pm me if you want the demo apk]

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to connect to a server url, if successful, this will fire “Connected” event.



to disconnect from server manually. this will fire “Disconnected” event. And other user will get “OtherLogedout” event. If goes wrong when trying to connect, this event will also be fired.


to login to the server with a username, this will fire “Logedin” event, and other user will get “OtherLogedin” event.


to join a room, this will fire “JoinedRoom” event, and other user in this room will get “OtherJoinedRoom” event.

One user can join more than one room.



to leave a room. Other user in this room will get “OtherLeftRoom” event. If you are in some rooms and disconnected, other users in these rooms will also get this event.


send private message

to send a message to one single user, and the receiver will get “GotPrivateMessage” event


send public message

to send a message to public, all the user connected to server (not including the sender) will get “GotPublicMessage” event


send room message

to send a message to users in a room, all the user in the room (not including the sender) will get “GotRoomMessage” event


got error

when you got some error


Other stuff

please check my website: http://www.kevinkun.cn/socketio.html for how to setup a backend server.

How to pay

  • USD10 by PayPal. Please remember to send me email (No personal info on the community, send a pm) for the aix file after payment.
  • or, find me here: 关于站长 · 浮云小站

I think this is very useful. Tryin to learn more…

Why would anyone use this over a Firebase Realtime Database? :sweat_smile:

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first, not all people can access to firebase,
second, it’s special for chatting,
third but not least, it’s extendable, for diffirent envent… :grinning:


Yes and no, SocketIO can be used everywhere who need to send data between server and client instantly. :sweat_smile: Chat is just a example scenario here.

From Socket.IO docs:

Socket.IO is a library that enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server.
(“browser” means client here.)

However it would be nice to see a full implemented SocketIO component to the App Inventor. Because looks like this extension won’t work with other SocketIO projects which is not related with chat.


Another great extension!

10 usd is too much for india… i need this but cost is too high

If you want something then you also have to give something…
There are many things to try for free,and these paid things are made for people who want to invest money or really can afford money to try things

What is money?Just a way of exchanging hardwork.

There is really one big suggestion from me, either collect money by hardwork to get something or just try things which are available for free if you can’t afford that paid thing​:wink:


AirDSocketIOClient Extension

Here is my extension which takes over the functions of SocketIO (not only linked to the chat) !!
Please test !!
Thank you

How can i use it. Any tutorial?

after payment, you will get the aix and sample aia. I have updated to a new version, with more function. just check with the link in first post.

Hmm… You open my eyes :eyes: valuable information

Added one demo apk for ScissorsPaperStone game at first post

Is socket io paid?
no action is taken when you access the

thank you


pls elaborate, don’t understand what you mean

sorry google translate is wrong :grinning:

Let’s say we have socket io extension
Do we need to pay money for socket io, that is to be a subscription to the site or not, there is no such section on the site

Nothing is done on the site, there are references or something.

I would appreciate if you explain it well I think to buy the add-on
But I’m not thinking if I can use it. Explain well, we’ll see.

thank you


this extension needs a backend server, which I have set up one on heroku, you can use it free. or you can set up on your own server. the server need to support nodejs.
this extension is only for real time communication, no function for save the communicate history. you will need to do it by yourself.

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So, with this extension, can I easily make a 1v1 messaging or group messaging application or even a 1v1 quiz application in real time or an online game. How do I connect my heruko account to check the database myself?

thank you


yes, first join a room, send message to the room, all members in the room will get the message real time.
and you can set the capacity of the room also.

data base? no database needed.

For how to deploy nodejs app on heroku, pls Google.

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Well, how to create the server. I don’t want to use someone else’s server. Let’s say the following users are registered. Can I see these messages from a database?