Parse error when installation

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

After creating a rather simple app for the daily challenge, two different devices repeatedly reported parsing error when attempting to install the apk file.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Create, save and download apk file. Upload apk file to Android device, install

Expected Behaviour

Application should install

Actual Behaviour

Devices report “parse error”

Show your Blocks

Android version

6.0.1 and 8.1.0

Tstcnt.aia (3.9 KB)

Please, send the APK
It might be a problem with the Android Manifest


Tstcnt.apk (4.7 MB)

no wonder …


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And what is that supposed to mean?

It mean you have to set package as per the rule which mean com.appname.domain …

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Now you got me; I have no idea what this naming rule is about. Is there a reference page somewhere that lists those rules?

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This is the docs list… Read it

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That is a pretty well hidden piece of information…
Coming from years of Thunkable, and having even ported a few of my app for evaluating Kodular, I never had to set this up there…
Anyway, thanks for aiming me in the right direction.
But perhaps keeping the package name semi-hidden in the ‘advanced properties’ may not be the best format.

Actually kodular at the time of creating shows you such information… which is the best part of the kodular…
The 2nd thing is our attention while creating project… @CBVG

Which is failing to work as well when someone is importing an AIA from another environment.

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Because of different component versions…

I am not disputing the ‘how’ but the possible perturbation that will result when scores of Thunkable Classic developer are forced to take shop here.

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