The apk you create does not install on the phone

hi, i have a problem, i’m new to kodular, before i tried appinventor, when trying to install the apk i made in kodular it doesn’t install on the phone and throws an error.


You have to give more info then that about your app.


Maybe you want to have a look at this:



Thanks for the answer, I was looking at the internet and I did not find anything related, I made the apk from scratch, it is a simple application consists of 2 Screens, the first is a SplashScreen, and the second a database backed by firebase, the The problem is that the apk does not start on the cell phone, cave to point out that it already activates the authorization of installation of third-party applications

Can you pm me your aia? How big are your assets? How do you switch screens. Did you uninstall any previous version of your app before installing this one? etc. etc.

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I want to say that Kodular/AI2 does nothing with the apk/project.
They just compile what you set/make.

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You shouldn’t put you aia here with your firebase token inside. That is not safe.


Check your package name, most probably problem occurs by that.

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Your packagename was wrong and your iconsize.


You appname has to look like this.

Search the community for iconsizes etc.


Thank you very much, the problem has been solved, I will continue to check the info of the sizes of the icons as well, in the end I changed the name of the package and the apk could be installed.

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