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Personal Virus Tracker Pro

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I made Personal Virus Tracker Pro when I first saw the news of the COVID-19 spreading. It not only works for listing infections, but also for virus hunters whom are trying track viruses. The user can select from 3 different distinct strain colors, and I’d like to add more strain colors in the future. With Personal Virus Tracker Pro you may also select from different orders of magnitude of infections or virus spread. I think it is a very handy tool at people’s disposal. Also,



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If your app is about covid-19 news then remove from playstore else it will suspend your app.
Covid-19 related news app banned in playstore only government, health care and official apps are suppirted

Yes ShekhSajidAli is correct. I had also created this type of app and I was not able to monetize my app. as well as i got mail from playstore/AdSense that your app is against the guidelines. even there was nothing which is create a violation.

I just his app on play store Neither his app name Not the description of his app contains any word linke corona or COVID-19 that’s why I think he was able to publish the app.

The apps that are getting suspended are the ones that contain information or news about Covid-19 as the information or news may be fake or untrustworthy.

This app appears to tell you about how many people are infected. Maybe this is not against Google’s TOS. Or maybe they just haven’t caught up with this app yet.