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One more question before I break something… How many animations can I run at once? Let’s say I’m dynamically generating a questionnaire and want to animate 30 + questions each to fade down. Am I going to run into issues?

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Can this extension be able to run multiple animation instances at once? I tried with my app but the existing animation will always get cancelled before playing the next animation

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Why you need 30 different instances? Use one label for the question, and change its text for the next question. Then you need to animate only that label.

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Because the whole form needs to be visible. I’m procedurally generating the form (now that I can create dynamic checkboxes and radio buttons) based on the list of questions so that it’s easier to reorder the form or change the questions.

I was just worried that the form will just pop in and wanted to fade it in. I may just make each section not visible and fade the whole thing in once the dynamic components have all been added.

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No, it should work without any issues, though I’m not sure about low-end devices.

Start the next animation when the current one ends. To do so, use the when Phase .AnimationEnds event block.

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I love it! Any chance you could add bounce out animations as well?

Nice to hear that. :smile:

I’ll see what I can do.

Can i use for image sprite component? cause no one make for image sprite animation

It doesn’t work with sprites, but if you can apply the animation to all the sprites at the same time, you can make the canvas have transparent background color, and animate the canvas component and it will look like the sprites are animated.

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it doesnt work on thunkable

Can you please be a bit more specific and explain what do you mean by doesn’t work on Thunkable?

BTW, do you know Thunkable is no longer maintained and is going to retire soon (or maybe, is already retired). You might consider switching to Kodular.

Time for an update!
Added five new animation types in Bounce category as requested by @ryanhapps:

  • BounceOut
  • BounceOutDown
  • BounceOutLeft
  • BounceOutRight
  • BounceOutUp

Updated download links in the first post:


It would be great if we would be able to give ID for every animation and be able to detect the ID after animation Cancelled, End, Paused, Resume, Start :smiley:

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I was thinking about the same but, as no one asked for it and adding it would break the current event blocks, I decided not to add it. Now since, you have requested to add IDs, I’ll consider adding it if more people want it.

  • Yes, I want IDs.
  • No, I don’t want IDs.

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Yes, I’m animating many things at once and I need to detect the animation at end time that which one is ended. So I thought the idea of ID for each animation would be great…

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How about adding the component and animation technique as parameters in the animation events?
Users won’t have to worry about handling IDs if they can directly equate the components being animated


That sounds like a nice idea. I’ll wait for what others say, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also solve my problem :slightly_smiling_face:

The vote result says something :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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So, considering the poll results, I’ve added the ability to handle events with IDs, Component being animated and Technique used. But like I warned earlier, this update will break the previous blocks and you’ll need to manually replace every broken block. Blocks which are affected are: