Png drop to import blocks, is it working?

Hello friends, I tried dropping png file to work space to import blocks, it didn’t work for me. Did it work for someone ? Please tell me if I am doing something wrong.

Drop to import works only if the image is of the same origin as the Creator (read: CORS restrictions)
That means you can only upload PNG files from a select few websites and your local drives. Do note that block images posted on the community cannot be imported into the Creator as Discourse removes the metadata in the PNG files

I downloaded the image using ‘Download Blocks as Image’ option from kodular workspace. Then deleted the blocks and tried dropping that png. It didn’t work.

Did you open the image in any editor or software?
Some image viewers remove the metadata, meaning you won’t be able to re-upload the png

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It is working for me.
Something is wrong from your side.

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It only works with individual blocks and routines not when using the option you did. That only reproduces an image and doesn’t embed the code.


No, I didn’t open it. Just downloaded and uploaded.

yes, you got it right @Peter sir. I thought all blocks can be downloaded at once. And can be used to upload all blocks in work space. But we have to download a specific block or routine. Thanx for the help.

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Well that’s just sad​:sob:

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