Procedure with tinydb click counts

Dear Experts!

5 click then ad in my app. i have webviewer app.with 8 + screens.

i used procedure with tinydb . but not work for me.

Blocks i used

another question : is this possible procedure component work to whole app, not for a single screen.

please help me. in this regard,

thanks in advance …

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after setting global count to zero, you are not saving that to tinydb, so tinydb always had 5+ value, and always call ads

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Dont create tiny database , use variable on every click use +1 , and show it when it becames 5

and for each screen you have to creat that procedure, better copy that to bag pack and use in every screen

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plz share blocks how works??

Your block is increasing Tag List Not the values…

You’ve to create procedures in every screen.

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and also dont forget to use block when ad loaded, show ad

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Let me try Thanks

Here is another one…


Dear Brother!

Working very good,

Thanks for Help

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Welcome bro…

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bro use variable , don’t use tinydb ,

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