Project lost need a backup

i was clonning screen and suddenly error occurs and also it gives error while compiling
so i need or wants to get backup project
can @Diego help me also i have inboxed you

I hope you understand that you should also make backups yourself. You can export the project to an aia file. You are responsible for your own project.

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everytime i cant export aia you should know it

How should i know you can not export the aia? I saw also you have 3 accounts here with the same ip address. Why is that?

every time i need to export aia after changing block

i am working like a business in this account
in previous accounts there are many projects and it is like a rush ther so i started welly here

That’s why you should make backups after or when you are starting something new.

lets see @Diego can help or not

diego has helped previously better to wait for his reply

Read Terms and Service of Kodular.You will find your answer.

So it varies whether your project has backup or not.

There are no backup but the project is not deleted instantly, if reported on time, Diego can get it back

but @kimyunz01 you must be careful next time, you must handle the projects carefully, always have a backup

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Just try to save the aia after every major change. You don’t need to save after every new block, but it would be good to save every now and then so you don’t lose a major amount of work. In the unfortunate case of losing your work, you may just need to add a little bit back to the latest aia you saved.

Sounds more like your project got corrupt after you cloned the screen.

Are you able to download the aia file


many timess dont repost