Rejection of Ads approval without Mentioning issue

Hello Everyone,
I have made a Browser app. I have worked for more than One month on it. Now almost I have done. This is my First app in Kodular. So I wanted to test ads in my app. So put my app for ads approval. But Kodular team Rejected my approval. I don’t know what’s the issue I have made. Whole Project designed by me. I spent more days on it.
Please Help me to get approval for my app.
Please find the Attachment.

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You should take a look at our monetisation guidelines:

Rejection reason is already mentioned :point_right: Low quality content

It means what?. Low quality pics?
Or See this A browser app. It looks like a Professional Browser. For a Testing I have added 2 Banner ads only. Bcoz this is my first Ad.
How to solve this issue. Please explain

Thanks in advance

They clearly mentioned . Your app have low quality content. And if you feel it’s not then appeal them on [email protected]
I think on one screen you keep few content and More ads, so add more content means button s and something and keep the few ads as compare to content and resubmit it. Then you will get approval I think so.

Browser apps are not eligible for monetization.

Yes, right! Particularly on web pages as they are owned by someone else and is not your content so you don’t have right to advertise it.

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If you are on Community then you need to know that you can’t monetize other contents and you make simple webviever app called browser.

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Hello @Earn_Money_online
I made the whole project In One Screen. I used More than 5000 Blocks. And used only 2 Banner Ads. Lots of contents used.

Are u sure?

Ok Guys. I have planned to make a Video Gallery app. It means I will upload Movies downloadable links. So these movies are not mine. Can I add Ads in my app while download the movies. Will Kodular team approve if I made this app. Please tell me before start the Work.
This matter Discourage me.


It is not allowed to add ads when your content isn’t yours or you don’t have a license from the owner. Also you are not allowed to distribute the content which is not yours or don’t have a license. So don’t even start your project if you don’t own the movies.


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