Why does Kodular Block Browser Apps

Why kodular block my app
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Going by the title of the topic, I assume your app is a browser app. Browser apps will not be approved for monetisation because the app owner is effectively showing ads over websites and content not owned by them.
To be able to monetise such apps, the app owner has to get explicit permission to show ads from the owners of the websites displayed in the browser app. These permissions can be compiled in a Google Doc and the link to which can be appended in the app approval form.


I want to add some words to what Vishwas said;

Also browser apps are so simple, most browser app developers are just trying to get money from ads by using just one WebViewer component. And it becomes too annoying when you see an ad in every page. Most websites has already ads, so app owner is adding one more?


Just like having google’s ad server in our mobile, right.?

Also, browsers made with Kodular can not have an Adblocker and WebViewer is really unsecure.

How to make admob approve browser app via kodular please can you explain me.

Umm, I think you didn’t read the other replies.

Yes you can add ads on the download screen but there is a high chance that users will misuse this to approve ads and then do as they want.

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