Remove Arrays and lists from dictionary (keeping only records with numbered or pure text values)

Hi guys,

Let’s assume a dictionary like that (from a json for example):


Is there any way to remove B,D and F pair based on the fact value is array without knowing the keys so the reuslt would be that:

I do not know what the keys are so I can’t remove by them. If dictionary would be like an array I would go through it by index and remove records with arrays in values… But I do not know how to do that with dictionar.

Any suggestion?
Thabks, Aleks

Like this (to start with):


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And Maybe you can also create Procedure with parameters and remove items according to the parameters …

and then:


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Maybe , You can try create a Procedure with parameters.
Maybe : Remove according to the parameter passed.

Use loop with dictionary and check if it’s list. And if it’s list, remove a current key.

Thats exactly what I was looking for. I got to simmilar solution yesterday. Changed to list and then do the thing, except I decided to just change array into a simple string and that way when I converted back to dictionary it was still there just in a plain text format.

Thanks again, Alex

That would be the easiest but did not found any option to go through the dictionary with a loop as there is no index like support (as it is at lists).


Not this block?


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eh… I was so in the way of index like solution that I did not consider going through keys would do the same job :slight_smile: Thanks


I did test with that block, but was unable to change the values in the dictionary…

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