Reverse list from Google Sheet

I have search community but cant find solution.
I used extension and buildin block reverse list cant reverse the list.
I used this method, this method will make long lengthy block

does some one has its solution…

Use from value as 1 and to as length of the list get original and to value as 1.

After adding the list value in global newlist, however you will show that new list in any label or list view that time use the default block given under list category ,

Reverse the list

it will make it lengthy there are around 36 list

Use this block

i used this block but no result

No matter even if the length is 100+. You will get result easily if you follow the method as suggested

I want to know what is the mean of -1 in for each number block?

There are many extensions in the community. I think I’ve seen two extensions that I’ll try to get and add the link here

Usually we will call from 1 to length of the list by increasing with 1

but he is trying from length of the list to 1 by deceasing with 1

Actually, did you debug this code?
If you debug you may get the value.



its giving this error


Can you show your list items? Is in it from gsheet?

its simple list

First try in companion then you can go with app. See in the error there is only one item is there. Focus on it. Even it does not say (empty string) or (nothing)

i dont use companion i am using emulator

Ok , no issue but as per the error it gives you only one item from list and not even anything from another. So I repeat focus on the list . If you follow any1 as suggested above you wl get result just like shown in the above picture

i mention above

This is my block that gets lists from google sheet.
Suggest me shorter way to reverse all the lists.

OK you have a list of lists. Do you want to reverse the outer list only, or all the items in each inner list, or both ?