Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later!

help me …i can not export

hello welcome to community

check your internet this is due to slow internet connection and this is not a I want category i changed to discuss category


Please provide more info. Are you receiving any type of error messages?

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Corrupted project

may cause this, wrongly uninstalled extension etc…

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Hello Boban, I hope you are doing well
I am also facing this error and cannot solve it,
aia file size is 2.8 MB

I have been facing this error for three days and I cannot solve it, the file size is 2.8 MB
Can anyone help me?


Hard to say what’s wrong

are you able to view blocks,
what happens if you delete some blocks or component,

It might also be that the project is broken

thanks for replying
deleting some blocks do nothing ( don’t save )
deleting components ( saved)
there are a lot of blocks and it will be difficult to view it

Didn’t this help Server error could not save one or more files try again

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NO , After that it repeated many times

Sometimes I get an error message saying " CLASS SORT LIST "
or some thing like that

Either something wrong with the blocks or to much text, without seeing the aia I can’t guess

How can i send it to you?

Since I have disabled PM functionality I will PM you

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Although I have stopped using the PM service as well, I am unable to access the site’s messaging
Where do you hide the messaging service? :star_struck: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i :innocent: :sunglasses:found it

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