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Hello developers, how are you? I have a doubt, I have tried to show the image associated to the user using the url in the image component ( “URL” ), but it shows blank.

Is there any way to do it? If possible, could you help me please? I am using the following blocks.
blocks (9)

First add https://theaddress, then the scan result “&NM=Marco_Garay&ID=5413430&PT=San_Juan_del_Rio” and the file extension “jpg”.

If I type the url in the browser it shows me the image correctly.

LabelRespuesta is same as the url you provided ?

what is the output of the get result block? Check the output. If it is okay with manually adding the url then theres something wrong with the output of get result block

That’s right, LabelResponse contains the url “

get result is as a result “&NM=Marco_Garay&ID=5413430&PT=San_Juan_del_Rio

only that each qr that is scanned results in a different value in “result”

I believe you have an empty space before .jpg check it


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It is integrated by URL: -
Scanner result: &NM=Marco_Garay&ID=5413430&PT=San_Juan_del_Rio
And the extension: .jpg
Only that each qr that is scanned results in a different value in “result

Thanks for the answer, I already checked and it does not contain any space, it only says .jpg

Use Do it and post a screenshot please

did you tried adding trim block in each blocks in your join? Like so…

When I open the app for the first time it shows the image that I have fixed.
doit none

Data: Note that not even the image that I put by default appears using the companion.

When scanning the qr code and obtaining a value, it gives me the following

on the server the images look like this

I will try the apk on a device
I share the APK and the qr with the structure
Sonoco_comedor (2).apk (5.7 MB)

where does the result come from?
you might want to show us a screenshot of the complete event…