Some Chit Chat And Questions For My App

:sob:Cant Say Until Release

Anyone can give answer of q2,3 please :sweat_smile:

May be bitcoin! :thinking:

You can always release your app and request monetisation later.

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I am poor
Not that rich​:rofl:

But I am confused in second question

I can’t violate governmental rules. And, can’t help. After all, you’re creating illegal :no_entry_sign: apps.

Don’t panic
It’s simple app
But I just don’t want to reveal

Nah,it’s legal in most countries :sweat_smile:
And Wait There atleast one thing you would have done illegal :grin::rofl:it is true everyone have atleast done any illegal thing even small or big and directly or indirectly

Really?? But I’m still outside jail and want to stay out of it! :wink:

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Hey Man I Am Not Doing Any Illegal Work​:sweat_smile::persevere:
And what do you mean by it!

This time not from me! May be someone else can help you in your project. A loud SORRY to you!

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@kartiktambi is here from India. Any message for this guy (@krish.jha) from you (@kartiktambi) ??

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By all your talking, I can only assume that you don’t trust community. And that way, no one can help you until everything is clear.


I don’t need help From You Guys
Last Line I Want to Say
I am not making any illegal app
I am deleting kodular account forever

You’ve announced it on your Post!

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If the government is not allowing your app, then it should be illegal.
The govt. is dumb that it will not allow a innocent app.

And u say that u are not doing anything illegal.

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Hey dude, don’t be upset. We’re not your enemies… Keep calm.

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Hey Is It Banned Worldwide!
It is just banned in some countries
And what’s about other?
Is it also illegal to provide app for other countries

He already created a topic about how to delete…
@peter is stopping him & discussing with him…

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