Some Chit Chat And Questions For My App

Finally I Made My App For Which I was Working for One Month
Wait ! Wait! Wait
It’s not that special or hard to make
Anyone can make it in 2 days ( I am student so I gave it 30 mins daily)
But Users Will Like App Concept
There are many apps available but I am just student so I can’t do beyond it because of money and time
Else I even know programming languages but I am 13

So I will not reveal it so other people don’t copy my idea.i will keep it secret until release

But before it I have some questions

1.It Violates Rules According To Government But Not Earning Or Pornography Type But Government Don’t Like That So can I get ads approval
2.I have made it and I get mostly data from database that is empty and some function will not work without it so I add data to database or just apply for ads?
3.If I don’t get approval which way should I use to earn?any subscription type?or any suggest please

And I Think My App Will Be Released In 3 Days As I am working on admin app right now

So it is an earning app and has pornographical material? You are 13 years old!

I unlist this at the moment.

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I said not

Means I get unlist on every topic :dizzy_face: without any reason

See “not” Word

I guess your english wasn’t clear enough.

Your app doesn’t violate the rules as Kodular states them.

Now Unlist :sweat_smile::hot_face::sob:

I will change it to offtopic also. But lets discuss further. You know your government doesn’t like your app so why make it? Why take the risk?

No risk
It’s just banned by indian government
But available mostly worldwide

May i ask why it is banned? Political? Content?

Which feature are you implementing that’s been banned?

Sharing Content

Sharing Content
That indian government don’t allow
But It Is available in mostly every country

Ok, so it is political.

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No it don’t include any political thing
It is a “content”

What kind of content?

I know that the Indian government imposes restrictions on sharing fake videos on WhatsApp. Is that what you are talking about?


May you please share with us what kind of app it is? :roll_eyes:

No it’s liked by audience and it’s not age restricted but banned by indian government