Something went wrong! compiling stuck at "Compiling source files"

Hello My Friends, I not perfect speak English… I will use the translator, I have a problem to compile my program, I have already disabled all blocks even so the error continues since last week, does anyone help me ???

Which extension you use here to make your app?

I did not understand your question friend, I am using 2 bags in the application, I will send print

Two common mistakes by user that produces this error


I think that Kodular is down today, i cant export apk’s or connect to companion.
I can’t enter to because i got this error: Error 521 Web Server is down.
Please help!

Hey my friend Very Very Very Very Very Thank You, Solution Sucess <3 <3 Thank ( I am Brazillian )

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Solution: Delete in AIA paste EXTERNAL_COMPS.

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