Spike Balls Game

This is my first game on kodular. I know that the UI is not too good, therefore i will work on it.

What is the name of your game?

Spike Balls

A simple game giving you the target to touch the blue ball by controlling the pink ball. Beware! don’t touch the floating bombs.


Download link:

Spike Balls.apk (5.3 MB)


Two things:

  1. I think you were meant to write “TOUCH THE BLUE BALL”
  2. Use better contrast


Will surely work on it.


As you win the game please post a screenshort of it.
I know it is somewhat difficult to win the game, but not impossible!

Please provide an animated GIF

Wait for sometime going for dinner.

Nice game. Try using transparent background for bomb images.

Where is @Peter, i thought he is very fond of playing. :flushed:
Please don’t take it seriously.

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He may scold you if he sees that you tagged him in your post. However Not sure about it.

I respect him, i don’t want to disturb him in his work but on the other games in kodular he presence is marked therefore i thought of that.
Sorry if it irritates you Peter.

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I think it’s great when people have such creative ideas for games. It gives me hope that one day I will have an idea for an awesome game.


I think everyone forgot to share the screenshot of their victory.
Was it so difficult to win? :thinking:

Really Good Work… Work on Ui… This will help you to attract more users…

Yes,I am working on it.
We’re you able to win the game?

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You should learn to be patient. If users want to respond they will do that. They don’t need you to remind them.

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Good work but atleast add instructions how to play…

Please suggest me more improvements that I need to do.