Startapp ads payment is too low 🥺

Any body here ?
Can suggest me better ads platform please ?
I am fadeup now with startapp

I suggest Admob Or Facebook Audience Network

I am trying to implement Facebook but ads not showing because of kodular doesn’t have Facebook bidding yet :pleading_face:

Any other better suggestion instead of admob ?

Use Admob. I don’t Think other networks are good to earn (also try unity ads)

But there are a lot of things that can happen with admob such as account suspend due to click and also I suggest you @Mr_YouTuber_Official Use New ads manager system by kodular

I cannot use admob … i think facebook will be best but now we have bidding problem 🥲

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@Aditya_Nanda i will use kodular ad manager soon.
When kodular fixes all bugs …
But i don’t know when 🥲

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@Aditya_Nanda what do you think 2500 impression and i got only .50
If i were used Facebook ads instead of startapp how much i could earn with 2500 impressions on Facebook ads ?

1$ in Indian audience

it’s possible that your niche is low value

What Is That I Mean What is new ads manager can you explain me
Thank You