Store data in Firebase instead of air table

hello everyone i have seen a lot of android apps mostly on codeanyon most of the apps have php admin panel i wonder where the a lot of data store if there is a image video status app i think all data is stored in firebase or in web hosting like hostinger etci n kodular we mostly use air table to store data dynamically without updating our app but the data storage is limited in air table so can we also use Firebase unlimited storage to store files in kodular or not is this possible thnaks

Hostinger + Mysql + PHP + Codeigniter + Bootstrap


also can we use free hosting like freeinfinty,net or 000webhost to host our android studio app with admin panel or i have to purchase a plan

This Option.
The amount paid is fair. Avoid wasting time with problems.
USD$ 50
Approximately $ USD 50 per year.

Your database… Your Scripts…

If you don’t want to spend too much money, use Google sheets to store data and Google drive to store image, video, etc… As you will get 15gb storage for free and if you want to increase it you can pay 1300 to get 100gb more and accordingly more plans are there