Suggestion to add link support

Hi. In the Eagle update, you’ve added a great feature that allows you to share text or photos with your app. Could you do the same thing, just that with a link. For example, in Google’s browser, when I press share, there was also my apliakcja, which could be a browser and I could link to Google to open in my appli.

If you want to open particular link in your app just use webview component in your app.

But if the system wants to open the link only in browsers, it does not show my application, even if text sharing is enabled. The system only shows browsers.

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thats different thing dude. You can’t open any link in your app. Some sites needs JavaScript & all then such sites only support browser. Else you can set when to message contain http or www then set that url as webview home url…

You mean something like:

When you open a Facebook link, it opens in the application

True? This is possible with Dynamic Links, but unfortunately it has not yet been integrated into Kodular and I have no idea if it will become available.

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Staff said that we should eventually have it, I THINK, don’t rely on me for your information.

These days, every site needs Javascript, which you can enable from the Webview. The Webview may not be a full browser, but every site supports it.

For your question, whether you can have your app listed as a browser when someone clicks on a link inside a different app, it’s currently impossible.

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DeepHost Default Browser extension


I know, but he has his own interface.

Dynamic link are helpful, but is it possible to make it a specific screen in the application?

Try this: Deep Host

This is currently not possible in Kodular.
But you can try editing manifest.