Suggestions for Making a Movie Streaming App

i want to make a movie streaming app, which will require movies to be uploaded online
but i need to know where to upload movies, i mean i will have to upload many movie, but where? and how can i make it in a way that whenever i upload a movie and the poster of the movie, the poster and the title get updated in the app in a table arrangement

You have to make your own server for this because as you wrote many movies no one will give such huge hosting for free unless you will take a premium plan.So instead of storing your data on others server make one yourself.

You can use Airtable , Firebase , MySql , TinyWebDb , Cloud Db or any other for storing URLs.And when a new movie is uploaded get details of that movie .
If you stuck anywhere feel free to ask in community.


thanks for the reply
can you provide any video or anything, that shows the process
cause i dont know anything about making a server?

something like this?

If you want a free website and server then use 000webhost
You can also try others but my suggestion will be 000webhost.
If you know Hindi then check these channels:

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One thing to consider before you begin.

Do you even have the bandwidth to stream movies, probably not :thinking: