System UI has stopped when clicked recent apps

System UI has stopped when clicked recent apps. App can’t be uninstalled and settings can not be opened ( setting keeps stopping ).

The app was working but suddenly these things are happening and app is freezing all over the phone , it is affecting settings , recent apps and phone

Reboot your pbone (Cold start, i.e. hold power button for 10 seconds)


  1. Go to “Settings > Apps”.
  2. Tap the app you want to remove.
  3. Click “Uninstall”.
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I worked very hard to make the app , I want to know how it can be fixed , please help

And I am not able click the app in settings > apps menu.

As soon as I click the app the settings stops working ( setting keeps stopping)

Boot into safe mode and try again.

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The tutorial is wrong. We need to long press the Reboot button to get into Safe Mode.

To answer the original question, what blocks are you using? You must have something clogging up the UI thread (since without Async, everything is executed on the Main thread).

Can I share my aia file ? Personally ? If you are a trustworthy person?

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The AIA wont help. You have an Andoird issue on removing the old app. This is at an Operating System level not an application layer.

You need to remove the old app first.

It may have nothing to do with the AIA and something to do with the device.

That is why I suggested

a) . Long reoot (cold start) with a 10 second pause
b) . A safe mode reboot.


Here’s the link to the app

Have you done this, if not then do it first


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Yes , I have rebooted my phone.
I think I got the issue , the problem is only with Stock Android . It is not happening in Mi phones which have MIUI

Does the issue start when you open your app? If so, it’s a problem with your blocks. If not, it’s a problem with your phone.

If you aren’t comfortable with it, don’t. Just tell me, are you using loops or timers?

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Yes I am using timers but not loops

Could you show me a screenshot of just your Timer implementation and its properties in the Design screen?

No , when I click recent apps button , it says system UI has stopped and app closes and phone gets lock.
When I again open the app it works perfectly untill I close the app or press recent apps button

When I try to uninstall it it says package installer has stopped , when I try to open settings>apps it says settings keeps stopping

These are the issues I am getting in stock Android not in Mi phones ( I checked it in 3 Mi phones ) and 3 stock Android phones for clarification

So… The problem is occurring only when dealing with your app, or irrespective of which app you use?

Only when dealing with my app , created with kodular

Is your app heavy??? Mean contain a lot of stuff???

It was working perfectly in stock Android too but I think after changing the package from com.staffnurse.tutorial to com.antitech.jeeacademy
It has started.
Because I didn’t change anything in blocks just little changes in design

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So send me a screenshot (cropped if you want) of your Timer implementation (meaning I want to see how you’re using the Timer). You can DM me if you want.