Tela Splash image aparece na parte inferior do aplicativo

Hello friends! Does anyone know how I can solve the screen problem? Because when I install the APK on a Motorola device the application keeps appearing the Splash Image screen in the lower part of the application. On my Alcatel A5 device this does not happen.

Does Motorola device have navigation bar or do you hiding it


I recommend to use custom splash screen with clock instead of selecting a splash image.

I did not hide, I did not change anything in the configuration of the device.

But if I use an image with the clock, when the application starts a white or black screen will appear.

I mean in your code, as this missing area is where navigationbar should be



So I just have to activate the Show Navigation Bar?

See how the APP is on my Alcatel A5 device, here it is normal.

Doesn’t have navigationbar, it has hardware buttons and hence it looks good.


Yeah set it to true


Hello friends! Boban, I did as you indicated to me, I activated the the show navigation bar, besides to do tests I put the theme for ligth theme and fixed sizing. The show navigation bar appeared but the bug continues, for example the play and pause buttons, the slider volume appears when the app is started, but when I open the slider menu and click to another screen which is an arrangement and I go back to the main arrangement o slider volume is halfway down the show navigation bar. I really do not know how to solve this, I can not, it’s difficult because I do not understand anything about programming.

and what happens if you use responsive sizing


Friend Boban, It stays the same way. Now I wanted to know why it works on alcatel A5 and the bike gets these bugs even activating show navegation bar. Does it have to do with the redimensions of the horizontal and vertical arrangements?

As I already mentioned above

You hide Navigationbar somewhere in your code or is it your Motorola phone doing it

If you want you can PM me your aia so i can take a look at it


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RadioWebGenibau22_5_copy.aia (1.9 MB)
My friend Boban, I activated and go bar in the mall as well, the boom bar worked and stayed fixed. I’m sending the file for you to see and improve if you can. Thank you very much for your help.