Text are not showing properly while using dynamic component

Texts are not showing while using dynamic component !!!

It is showing properly only. Still what you are looking? As per your airtable it is giving you…

I hope you have set width for the dynamic label as 2. (If I am correct VA/HA arrangementS only will accept such values for width/height) But I am sure whether it will work or not . But you can use width percent for each label with 40/50 /60/70

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@Still-learning I did but still i facing the same problem! :frowning:

can you share your aia here or in pm?

I fixed this. The problem was in H arrangement ! :slight_smile:
When I set width percent 100 from width 2 then it worked!

Btw Thanks @Still-learning

See my earlier post, i have suggested the solution properly As it is due to width of the label…

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