Text going down inside CardView

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So, i was making a quiz app and i am facing some errors. Basically there are three cards inside which are three labels. These are three options a user can choose from. But when i click on a card mutiple times, the text inside it gradually disappears. Does anyone have any solution for this? Also please check the attached video and code below.


can you show a image please?

:question: Unfortunately I can not see anything :eyes:

Are you using dynamic component extension? Did you delete the created id upon every click?


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It is working fine only for first click, but on continues click only does like that…

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For some reason, when I change the Stroke Width, a offset increase changing the text shape.

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yeah. Is there a solution?

Try this one CardViewLabelText.aia (4.4 KB)

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Although something is broken with CardView component…

Oh. Is there any solution for this?

Hi @Dhruv_Sanjay , It seems an issue in card view padding. Card view padding is increasing on every click that’s why child views stops appearing. You should set back the padding again to its value on every card view click and then see if works.

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How about trying the above aia

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This seem to work. Thank you Boban and everyone for helping me out. Really appreciate it.

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