TextBox Component

Input Type Numeric - I’m unable to use commas or minus sign…

Because the numeric input are just numbers (and dots instead of commas)
But the minus sign should be allowed too due to negative numbers. We will try to fix it

Yes I meant point.
It’s more how we express ourselves when we calculate here, we do not say point we say comma…

One more thing, remove or hide the NumbersOnly checkbox
because if you accidentally check it, the project wont load as it should or that nothing works.

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Thanks for reporting out the bugs! We will fix them soon.

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Also thought about Hint text, if Textbox has TextAlignment right the cursor doesn’t start from the right it’s starts where hint text begins.

I have fixed now the issue and the property is now away from the designer palette.

Available for all in the next update.

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Happy to hear…

and how about this

I can’t find a way how we can solve this too.

I hope you’ve also fixed/thought of when we import from other distributions and we have NumbersOnly checked that it is automatically unchecked and perhaps the input type number is selected.

Too bad you do not get it to work…

This should be now possiple since the latest release.