Textbox Numbers only

I cannot find textbox numbersonly like appinventor. I use input type as numbers but it does not allow me to enter neither comma nor period.for decimals I do not want to pop up whole keyboard, only numbers. Is there anyone to help?

When I made the new TextBox option. I showed the Number keyboard when I was testing it. Could you send some screenshots, please?

Hi Sander, Thank you for reply, Yes number keyboard is coming but you cannot enter neither comma or period to use decimal, so you cannot enter decimal. For now, if you want to use decimal so input type should be general/normal which bring whole keyboard, that’s why i told whole keyboard.

Oh okay. I will take a look and see what I can do about it. I maybe add a new option to the list

A new option would be great. Thanks

I can confirm that you cant use decimal numbers. I added a two new items to the InputType list. You can use them on the next update

I have the same problem. I override the input type property (NUMBER: 8) and when I run the app on my phone (via Companion) I can not put commas to the decimal places.
In date format DATE/TIME:7 , inside textbox don´t exist format .

Resolved !

How did you solve it?