The Block Section Of This Aia Lags A Lot? It Is Hard To Work On It

So guys currently i am working on this stylish font aiai file that I have got from a website. There are a lot of blocks that’s why whenever I goes into the block section the kodular starts lagging really badly. The website stops and then after few seconds works fine but then again a pause. Kindly help me with this issue.

Here is the Aia, the app though (apk) works fine.
style.aia (1.4 MB)

You already know the answer.

But I have read a lot here in community that people have made blocks with over 1000 's blocks. But I don’t think this app have 1000’s of blocks. Still Lags. Isn’t there any solution?

You try these options…

  • Change browser
  • Increase your RAM
  • Upgrade your internet speed…

If you have a potato pc then it’s a different situation… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Already have a pc with 8gb ram and using 4g speed internet with over 20mb/s speed.

What browser are you using?

Do you have alot of plugins or debug utils installed


Collapse what you dont need . Use the right click to collapse a block set. That will help.

Are you using Windows?

BTW 20 mb/s is not so fast for 3K blocks. The performance also depends on processor (and browser): Creator on 4 GB RAM and with a great processor can be much faster than on 8 GB RAM with a weak processor.

I have attached the aia. You check out and tell me is it working fine on your device?

Looking at the size of the aia you have large images inside or other large assets?

Sir can you please check out the aia and tell me if there’s any solution.

No, just tell if there are large assets or not.


Yes there are

Where are the large images? These characters are symbols ir small images.

No images are used except the splash screen 1, the only thing is the fonts and long symbols

Works just fine here however, this kind of code will not work in the long run.

Btw, it’s 3k+ blocks



I would collapse the block when I’m done with it.
ONT Studios

Collapsing is not the point. It is defective logic that is not scalable.

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So there is no solution?

Sure you have to re-engineer it.

Send me the AIA and I will see if there is a quick fix.