Why does it hang when we write many code?

How many total blocks you have? My observation, when ur in a screen with to much blocks then that the area where u will experience lags or hang, even you have good pc performance using browser or good internet connection

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pc 8gb ram
internet : 10mb ps
browser: chrome

Nice Joke… :clap: :rofl:


Actually block editor was made for less blocks


Less blocks? But nowadays a simple app is worst for users.

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You can use as many blocks you want…
But the block editor become slow when you have many blocks

You can make great apps with Kodular. It also depends on how you program.

In the image it seems a lot of things are repeated or nested really deep.

How many blocks do you have. Every blockbuilder has it’s limitations.

Posting just an image is not enough if you want any advise.


1.Do as @Peter said… Do not repeat and minimize the number of blocks…
2.Collapse blocks for ease…


sorry mb ps

total Blocks number 2787

Double click on blocks it will colapse

I removed your aia as it seems to have been a paid aia, don’t share stuff like that.

Btw, if you did buy this get a refund :laughing: :rofl:


Sharing paid stuff like aia and extensions is reason for suspension from the community. Don’t do that again.


ok :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

paid thing for free hahaha :joy: :joy: