The sidebar should be higher

Would be greate to have an higher sidebar like this?

Because the already implemented one stay below the title bar and even the tabs and its not to nice to see

Definitely, the current one is not applicable with Material Design.

When the sidebar is opened, it should overlap the title bar, making it invisible instead of the title bar overlapping the sidebar.

Also, we would like to see this default arrangement for us to easily design our sidebars Material, instead of having the ability to put everywhere what we want.

We’ve seen a lot of templates and guides, people telling us to put everything everywhere because of its emptiness and freeness. We should customize the sidebar not with a layout, but with blocks like the listview element.

Put icons and text and actions to them set the images from the property editor etc.

Anyone agree?


I’m totally with you

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I dont agree with that.
If you can not design a layout as side menu… Then you really think a template will be custom?
I think that everony wants the option to create a side menu how he wants it.

We (developer) can not know how EVERY user wants a side menu.
That’s the reason why we choosed layouts.

In this way everyone can create a side menu how he wants it.

And btw… our side menu is 100% material design.
In android side menus can or can not hide the title bar.
In our case we show the titlebar because then users can see the nice hamburger menu icon animation.


You don’t get it. Yes, yours is 100%, I know that.

But the way you offer users to design the sidebar makes it 0% Material Design.

You need to offer 100% Material Design"able", not make it 100% Material Design…

So just offer users the option to choose as a property, if someone wants the default sidebar template Android offers, he will use that. If someone wants to design their own sidebar, he can design it like that.

I’m aware of this, and you did great. But can you offer an option to also let users choose this? To overlap the title bar or not?


As you said you don’t know how users want the sidebar so you should add in screen proprieties a switch to choos if overlap or not

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I tried it in the past before relaunch but it was not working.
I work private with android studio but the option there did not worked for our builder and I have current no idea why it is not working for us.

My personal wish is to give users always all options.
But I can’t make things public which are not work.

All you can do is now wait and hope that we find a solution.

And yes maybe we can add a option that users can create pre definied side menus.
But I can not say it for 100%


I have created a pre defiended side menu item. I will try to add this in the next release


Thanks @Sander.

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Nvm, It is better now. A full NavigationMenu which only needs a few settings for the perfect menu.

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I am with you it looks professional but latest version is also ok but not good.

The problem is that:
No matter which cool feature we add…
… it will be always not enough.


You are right it will never be enough but i think that even if are advanced things in ai distribution some of the features are just basic in android studio so a lot of people think they should be already there