This blocks is not working?

can you please check my blocks

i have add this in screen initialize event.
here it is

when i open my screen it never change text to blank on button (which have hardquiz.png image)

Note: i am not getting any error in my app

please solve the problem

It’s strange… It seems to be good… Can you share the aia file?

no, because my app is about to complete and i have not published my app on google play store.

anything else you need

thanks for your time
problem solved

Congratulations, But you need to see this :slightly_smiling_face:

i am using this block.component_set_get

but i don’t need of it anymore . so, i removed it .
now my app works fine.


BTw, now your button text won’t be cleared

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yes my button is clear

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i am using this block for testing

Yes it will be cleared by default.

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