Trying to make update dialog with spreadsheet But Failed

I want, to create a In App Update Dialog , Cause I am unable to purchase GPC(google play console),So I Need my users to get in app update whenever I want. Tried to make it but Failed, Will Sharing Blocks Image, As Well As Designer Images.

What I done ?

Before creating Update dialog my app’s screen 1 was simple like.

When screen 1 initialize.

Call clock1.timer enabled = true

When clock1.timer do

"If user is signed in, go to home screen else go to login register screen."

And now,

(Clock 1 timer set to Just to perform, normal procedure after Update Is Checked By Spreadsheet).

When screen 1 initialize, Call spreadsheet check if app update is available, if yes show update dialog, else set clock 1 timer enable.

Blocks view of my app’s Screen 1

I use my phone for making apps,

Designer view of my app screen 1

Just tell me my mistake, cause the problem is

My screen 1 is stuck because I set that after checking if the update is available go on for the further procedure and stop app to jumping in another screen, else If Update Isn’t available Please Normally Jump In To Another Screen Accordingly*.

*Accordingly = if user is signed up,

Open another screen named home (using tiny db).

Else open.

Login/signup screen (Using tiny db)

What happens when I open my app :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

This infinte loops going on, until I close the app.

Show your airtable datbase
It looks like the got cell event isn’t triggered at all.

Secondly, try using a clock to dismiss progress dialog/ spinning dialog, refer to:

Show your spreadsheet screenshot. Looks like you left empty cells in your table.

Also why did you put extension tag in the topic.

That was a mistake, Cause I Do Every Thing From. Android , so it is possible that I chooses it by mistake,

Also I am providing Spread sheet Image below.

This image below shows, setting I put in my designer For Spreadsheet.

Don’t keep the empty cells.

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Delete rows with empty cells

Will it work ?

Edit - you mean, Like this ?

Edit 2 - If What Is Done By Me Is Correct And Is What You Said, So It Isn’t Working.:persevere:

BTW, i’ve noticed an error in your blocks.You are getting the version code column, and comparing it with the version name.You must call the version name column.

Really sorry everyone, I will be deleting this thread, As The Problem Was In my Spreadsheet Api And Key In Designer Cause I Typed It Wrong Where

What Mistake I Made Was To silly To Tell, But Really Sorry,

In API Key



And I typed Key

And in Base Id There should be


And mistakenly I typed,


T with small caps L​:sweat::sweat:

Thanks All For Replying , And Really Sorry Again.

@themaayur @Ansh_Anand @Mohamed_Tamer @WatermelonIce And Everyone who tried to solve my problem, and gave Their Precious time. luv You All.:heart::heart:


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