Uff! 😓 and enough! How to show AdMob interstitial ads with proper way?

I am really sad with kodular team. No doubt they have been launching new and new features. Unfortunately, they are ignoring AdMob interstitial ads problem. And not only with me all creator facing same problem. The kodular team, you don’t think do something for AdMob interstitial ads.

Actually, my banner ads working properly. But when it comes to AdMob interstitial ads you have zero rating.

Some month ago I had posted a thread with a similar problem. That was when we click a button and if an interstitial ad is failed to load then the target screen was not opening.

In present kodular has added a block. Using the block we can open another screen if an ad fails to load. Here you can see.

Still, now the problem has not solved.

@Kodular I want to implement AdMob interstitial ads by following AdMob policy.

Here is my goal >> When button click >> show AdMob interstitial ads >> user closed ad/faild load >> open another screen

Let me tell what I tried?

First I load AdMob interstitial ads when a screen initialize

Then I do block like the following.

Note that:- sometimes my loads but sometimes when I click on button either it takes a delay or either nothing happens.

So dear koudular staff , users, creators can you tell me a solution. About How to show AdMob interstitial ads with proper way? Honestly, I am very tired! My lots of time is wasting.

You need to learn alot…
Your read time is <30 minutes…
Firstly you need to read this How to ask a question?
Then I’ve little suggestions for you…

  1. don’t tag user on first post…
  2. do search on community before posting a new topic on community…

Well I am disagree with you on this

They’re doing hard to improve it…
You are loading too much ads on screen initialises event

I think too much ads doesn’t comply admob policy…
On the other hand it isn’t a better idea to load ad on screen initialises event…

And as you say here the ad is loading sometimes and sometime doesn’t :thinking::thinking::thinking: then it’s not a kodular problem… You need to contact admob for that…

If you think you are wasting your time with kodular then you are free to leave using Kodular .
I suggest kodular user to use less ads and make many useful apps…
Thank you


How many ads do you want to load? You load so much ads, and than you ask why you dont see any ads.


Well I have 10 buttons on my home page that redirects to another screen which content informative content. You can said the 10 buttons are index of my app. BTW what do you think? How much interstitial should I show?

did you read the admob policy? If yes, than you know that it is not allowed to load with each click a ad.
You can be happy if admob did not close your account foever.
And forever is forever, this you can believe us.
You can try it in 10 years but we have user which tried it 2 or 3 years later to create a new account and the new account will deleted again/ dont have the permssion to show any ad.

Your app looks for google like a earning app and for me to. Which app needs 10 different buttons to show a ad.?
You destroy the possibility to use Admob with a builder, the day will come where admob will say: We blocked all Block Builder APK, becaue the most of them are earning apps.
If you have a app with 100 000plus user you can write us a and maybe we check if your app will get a permssion to load any type of ads.


Bro I already told you buttons redirects to informative content.

For more

My app is educational app. Which ranked no.1 position in play store and having 11000+ install.

But I agree with this.

And I also understood what to do? Thanks for the help.

Your app may display informative, educational content but that doesn’t allow you to show an ad on every click.

I don’t know much about ads (rather I am not interested in them much) but if I were the user of your app I would have liked to see the content of your rather than the ads that regularly pop up on every button click.


You have had responses from three very thoughtful contributers to the platform.

While you may have 11k downloads, a few things mentioned need to be top of list.

  1. Read admob policies. You cannot load a new ad on each click.
  2. You need to learn more about building apps on Kodular. Loading 10 ads on Screen.Initialize is just wrong. You are not closiing screens properly, so your app is going to crash after the 4th or 5th button click.

So then you admit that sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, yet your first step is to blame Kodular.

When you automatically assume the issue is with Kodular, and not you, or a mistake, you lose credibility.

Based on your blocks, and the way you described the app, and its use… the problem is not Kodular, it is you.

I suggest you issue an apology to Kodular, and thank the contributors who have all given great advice to you today.


Thanks cian. I have one more question.

There is one option in kodular on first screen. i.e. Scree sizing Fixed or responsive.

I noticed that when I run my app on landscape view. App is turning but admob banner is not displaying.

Which option should I choose?

The best option is if you delete all admob components, than your problem is solved. 100%


Same problem was happening with me​:sweat: now i removed my all ads. I don’t want to earn now​:sleepy:

Are you going to make user install your app or a add server of admob.
There is no shortcuts for earning and don’t invoke policies blindly behind your self benefit


How to close interstisial ad with back button press? I need blocks for same