Unable to download application by scanning QR code

Unable to download the app by scanning app using kodular companion. When I’m scanning it is redirecting kodular website and even I download after redirecting the app isn’t installing

I believe you should turn on the setting, allow install from unknown apps for the browser of your mobile. See here




Another Reasons that may cause Problem to install app:

  1. Play Protect is on: That does not allow you to install any package for unknown source.
    Solution: Turn it off during installation, you can turn in on again after installation.
  2. Install Apps from unknown source is off: It will also not allow you to install Apps from unknown source. In this case you have to turn on the setting for the browser of your mobile by which the apk was being downloaded.

Example: Say you are scanning the QR code (after Building apk) to Kodular companion)/other QR code scanner to download the apk. Now notice this thing leads you to a browser where downloading turns completed. Go to settings and make sure that Install unknown apps setting is turned on. That’s it.

Probably due to package name change



bcs same package name right??

No it does not matters.
You can install/update as many apps as you can using same package name.

hmm but i get this type of error one time but now as you saying it could not be bcs package name thanks for saying and just ignore my English

You can do:

  • Restart phone
  • Change package name
  • Set package name to default

@dora_paz similar package name may also cause the same issue

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Btw, how old is your project, maybe an old bug