Update notification problem

I want to send notification through notifier. But when I’m setting version name correct (1.0.8) my app is still showing the update notification in secreen 1

A few issues with your blocks.

  1. Dont’ include firebase gets in your screen initialization. Create a procedure and call the procedure from Screen initialize.

  2. You have an Activity Starter loop. If there is an error, the error may occur again and again. Use a notifier, send a notification with the Message and then close the application on OK.

  3. Setup a label here


So you can see the value firebase is returning.

Overall as a strategy I would suggest this. You need to store the version within the app. Setup a global var version = whatever, then in firebase setup that version as a tag, and the value just set as a 1 or 0. 1 is valid, 0 is not. That is what I do.

So I can support some versions, but I can shut all others of. My firebase has a list of all the versions, and a 1 or 0 next to it saying if I support it or not. Then the firebase call is simple.

Get.tag: global var.version
If value of Get.Tag = 0 . call procedure(badVersion)

Make sense?

Sir can you please show me blocks as I’m new​:relaxed:

Actually notifier is working well and also activity starter but problem is that when we set correct version name in Firebase it still shows notification and not opens next secreen

I have given a very detailed answer, try doing what I said and show e if you have a problem. I will help you figure it out. I will not do it for you.

I’m very bad in English I’m not understanding it well

He is doing correct in blocks for showing update notice and it is working well for him but problem is when app is in current version still this notifier shows.

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I have given clear instructions of what to do.

Good luck.