[Updated] Emojies not storing in Mysql database error

Hi gys i m working on mysql database using the concept of @Taifun but there is a problem relating the emojies
Whenever i tried to save emojies it shows an errror 400 (screenshot is added) I searched the google and found some ways like using a command to set characters to “utf8mb4 collate utfmb4_bin” (its not full query just hint to that query )
Even after using this queries i m unable to store emojies along with text.
My data type is text where i want to store emojies along with text
If anyone knows then share your idea

Personal suggestion:
I think it can be made easy by changing in PHP script., Last night I found a PHP code on stackoverflow that can be used to store emojies in mysql database but unfortunately lost it after that
I’ll try my best to mention that here.

Topic Update:
I find another solution but not able to impliment it please check out this link and try to develop a way to impliment it
Link : How to store Emoji Character in MySQL Database - Stack Overflow

The screenshot of error is here

When you upload/store text use web>encod text block and when text got and set label use decode text to solve your issue. See block in below screenshot.

It’s good idea but i want to save data as such
So that i can monitor it in everyway like from my phpMyAdmin and from app too
There are otherways to do like using charset collations i tried but failed to achieve.

I think no extra data require its very small size data for text need .

No no i think u didn’t got my point
I m saying that i dont want to save data in encoded form i want to save it in its actual form

Where do you want to save data ?

just change CHARACTER SET of column


Yes i tried it this query executed successfully but when i tried to save emoji it fails again showing error 400
Even after altering the tables with your mentioned query

In mysql database

Create 1 admin app to get all data on app whose you want and there use decode text to you able to see all data in normal text

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Thanku for your suggestions these are my secondary choices because emoji data is possible in mysql therefore i want to get the original way of doing this

Where and how did you do the Alter table command? Did you do the set_charset conando that is in item 4 of the solution in Stack Overflow?

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Yeah i tried that one too
But not working for me
If u dont mind i wll send you the aia in pm so that u can create a new table and try by yourself. May be there was a mistake in my methodology.
In my case query execueted successfully through my app but charracters are not being get add yet.

in data type choose BLOB

Its a binary data type can u explain the difference between these data types text and blob?

what about doing a search?

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@Taifun I am already searching on this topic and now got his point​:blush:
And waiting for your reply please help me if i can solve this problem with some other way like altering the tables becz there are ways to alter tables to made text cloumns to save emojies too
But so far i failed in achieving this goal. And i think u r the only one here who can
I’ll provide my aia if u need, to fix.

I never tried to store emojis in a MySQL table, so I’m unfortunately not the one…
you got some good suggestions… let me suggest you to try these…

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@Taifun ok m waiting for your suggestions
And why not try this time if u not have tried previously :roll_eyes::blush:

Try :