Use of Surface View Component || Create Emoji Camera App in Makeroid

With the help of surface view Component you can create different type of camera application. Alos a security alarm app.

here is an example use of Surface View Component




You don’t need any special extension there is already a surface view component in Makeroid in the layout category.


Yes, I know that . I am not talking about any extension bro.

You edited the topic now… :joy:


I see on your youtube channel that you offer putting apps on Google Play for someone else for money. If Google finds out you do that you will loose your Developer Account.


It’s not going to be happen. Their is no rules that you can’t publish someone else app. There is a option to provide developer email id for each application. I published more than 12 apps of other users with their email id. I am just a publisher here. @Peter

What I edited here bro. Did you see any extension uses in my blocks or video. ??


Why are you being so much aggressive? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I was not talking about your video, I meant this:

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This was just a typing mistake. But you need to read the title first. here I told about component.

It was your mistake… Why don’t you read the full post before posting it?

You are responsible to what happens with all the apps put on your account. So if the app does something illegal that you don’t know your account will be suspended.

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Yea. of course. That’s why I checked app by myself then i published. Maximum suspension happen due to copyright strike and I don’t publish their app without privacy and policy url.


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