Variable Filter values?

Hello guys, I hope you are well!

I ask for your help to verify what I have done and to guide me in the right path for what I am projecting.

I created a topic two days ago to clear up some doubts and I was very well received here. Thank you for everything!

Well, my project revolves around a Google Spreadsheet.

I’m using Gviz Query to get the data if the value in the textbox lists it in the spreadsheet.

But I have a few questions about this:

1 - Storing the data inside a variable when starting the app is faster than consulting the Spreadsheet every time, correct? But … how do I search for these values ​​within the variable?

2 - At Label, I get quotes (") in the column divisions. Concat can solve part of that, but they still persist on the sides. Which way to remove?

3 - Below the Label there are two “List View Image and Text”. Which path should I follow to reach this result? (subtittle can be easily created with “Concat” from columns A, B, C, D with spaces).

4 - I chose to create two Web. One in the variable and the other filtering. The idea would be to not show items if the checkbox and textbox were empty. But it left him confused. How could this be improved?

Guys, sorry for the long topic. Should I ask fewer questions in a row if I create another one in the future?

From now on, I would like to thank the Kodular Community. This is taking me to a very fun world!



Yes. That is better idea. Every time if you call it will delay in getting the value

add this block ( list from csv table text) to avoid "

Sorry i am unable catch your point. You want to get value from gsheet in lthis list view image with text?

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this block will work if you have limited cell value. If the length of column increases it will be delay and too many matches found there be delay in getting the values

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Hello Gowri, thanks for answering me again.

I’m still trying to apply your List View tip the last time. Sorry to return to a point similar to the last post.

Thanks for clarifying the search on the variable!

About my point, I wanted a List View as I did below. Interleaving colors and bringing results of the variable according to the search.

My columns will have around 2,000 ~ 3,000 items. Using a Label, I have a good performance. The point would be to build a search not in Label, but in a List View Image and Text as I left an example above…

No sorry and all. You are always welcome. So instead of label(what you tried in the video) the same method should have to display in the list view label. Am i right?, sorry if i understand wrongly?

Also so for you didnt use any label if you started to use there will be delay in getting the value. If you donot want image mean directly you can use list view block instead of list view with image

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You’re right! I can do the same with the ListView without an image.
I will remove the Label and add the ListView instead.
The idea of merging colors (1 - red / 2 - yellow / 3 - Red) would be great!
As I have already solved the fact of variable research, I only have to know how to change these colors.

looking for it… It seems new ideology…
Last question.

  1. You want all the gsheet values in the list view with different color for each row?
  2. Only filtered value alone in the list view with color?
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All value alternating colors. There are only two colors. It would be easier to view the bar codes.

About what I said above, the spreadsheet has 4 columns with values. Using this in the List View would add 4 lines, right? Then, it is possible to join these values with spaces in the spreadsheet and obtain the value in just one row.

The subtitle of my List View was joining 3 different values.



except colour otherthings are easy. Am looking to search the text when on text changed ( almost designed now) but still unable to find for color… Be wait…

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This is my gsheet


I have used this web url<sheet ID>&gid=0&range=A1:C100

This is my blocks

If the user start to type the letter, it will start to filter the item as per the needs…

But, I think it is not possible to set color for each item of list view, unable to find solution for color.

You can look for dynamic compounds it is possible i hope so.

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please try as shown above blocks and let me know the difficulties. You also have to use the same Join block to get the result also properly use select item from the list with correct index number.


Did you try? Getting values?..

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Hello, there was a problem with my internet.

I did the tests and that’s exactly what I need. But, I’m only getting numerical values in Columns 1 and 3. What am I missing here?

ps: Column 2 works perfectly!



Show your block

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Quite surprising… It is showing my table values…

Hmmmm. Do one thing, instead of using this URL try with old URL starting with…/gviz/…

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Same mistake…

Can you share(pm) gsheet link??

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please wait

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