Version 2.1.0 Bugs

cannot close the export to qr code screen. click the x button but nothing happens.


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That will be fixed once we fix the close NewProject Window

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I’ll fix that now

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Edit by @Mika : not fixed yet




@Sander @Mika May take a look to this

Added to my TODO :+1:
Will be fixed for v2.1.2

Mmm, try changing the color to a very bright one, like Red or Green

Can you explain a little bit more?

I’ve made some fixes to the Compiler
Try again please

Mmm, I’ll take a look to this; or maybe @Mika can too


Try again
The version 2.1.0 was corrupted during the compilation and there were lots of damaged files in the builder

The same as the previous explanation; the 2.1.0 was corrupted. Try again



Fixed in 2.1.1
Try again

I think I’ve replied to all errors :sweat:


Its working

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this is working but there is still the new issue with the pop up choose option with new chrome versions.

Firebase still not working, the app close as in the previous version

firebase is working as apk. maybe there is a issue when it is not on screen 1

cannot close the export to qr code screen. click the x button but nothing happens.

the issue is still there and not fixed

I have the feeling that the 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 is much slower than 2.0.0 in loading projects. Has anyone the same feeling about that?

This works not for all Projects… All Projects with the ‘Menu Initialize’ Block don’t work properly

The checkbox issue has been fixed. Thanks for the suggestion, @Ben

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What is the problem with this block?
We have nothing changed on it.

:de: Alle Projekte mit diesem block lassen sich zum Teil öffnen bei mir. Es werden nicht alle Blocks geladen und alle änderungen werden nicht gespeichert.
Ich bekomme ein Hinweis, dass keine änderungen abgespeichert werden. Außerdem werden die Blöcke die im Zusammenhang mit dem ‚Menu Initialize‘ Block standen, einzelnd übereinander gestapelt…
Meine Vermutung für den Grund des Problems ist der ‚Add Menu Item‘ Block…

Sorry das es so lang wurde :sweat_smile:

Falls nötig kann ich einzelnende Bilder hochladen.

Fixed (it’ll be in the next update) :wink:

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Three problems:

  • I’m not even able to start Companion on Android 5.02 (normally used for test with AI and Thunkable). Xiaomi Octacore snapdragon 3gb ram

  • a simple test on another machine Android 5.02 (Samsung tablet Galaxy note) gives errors like this (this did not happen with previous builder version 2.0). This error is related to block fab button.create, disabling that block the app starts

  • imported projects from thunkable don’t show anymore with no error report, simply they are uploaded and don’t show when selected (maybe this is caused by components/extension conflicting)

The error on the dialog tells you that there is no image. Are you sure you have added a image to the fab?

Latest firefox version.when preview on tablet size checked and opened project for first time this happen.We can fix it using check and uncheck it

When we switch to other screen same think happen

We’re aware of this and looking into it.

Ok with image it works. thanks

Bug with clickable HA and VA:
the screen is blinking and the HAstest.aia (11,2 KB)
don’t show; without clickable property set it works
same with VA

if property HA/VA clickable is set at runtime it reports error

there are too many problems, why not to test new releases in a separate environments, a or something like? the stable release could permit a production environment bugs free or with limited ones…

Test it as apk. Then you will see all works.
And dont think we did not test new things :smile:

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