Vertical arrangement limit

See that’s what I was telling I told about 32 mb storage and also about dx errors

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Guys don’t go off topic :blush:


Thanks all, I’ll take a look at this extension :wink: :+1:

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Is this 32mb max app size take into account the sqlite database or not ?
Actually I have to save flag icons of all countries and I’m wondering if it would be the same if I store them into my sqlite db or in png in Assets :confused:
flag icon in 256px resolution is about 50kb so with about 200 countries, I have to deal with about 10Mb :astonished:
Can you enlight me please ?

You can use this extension which has all flags already present, you just need to store the country code in your database

Sizing will be the problem as this extension Provides flags of max 64 px


Yes you could use it like online images to save storage

Thanks for this extension… but the icon is very small on my phone !
32mb size is the limit for Kodular to create the apk ? So if whole app (code + assets + db) is less than this limit it is good ?

Would it be possible for exemple when first run of the app to ask to download a zip file of all flag icons then add them to the app folder, in order to use them ?
If it possible the question is how to store the zip file in order to download it on demand :neutral_face:

(Sorry these questions are surelly stupid) :sweat_smile:

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You can download all the images of flags on the first run of your using this @Taifun’s tutorial :point_down:

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 10 MB

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Instead I would suggest to use online images, like uploading it to cloudinary and using them

Yes that is also a good option if the app needs the connection everytime, meaning if its an online app

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If your assets are upto 10mb it would work fine, I had a project on which I had assets upto 9 mb and 9000 blocks and the apk size was about 21 mb, so I don’t think you would have an issue using 10mb in assets

I have a flag database with big icons but these are in svg format which is not supported in kodular so i can’t use it in my extension

Ok guys, I will try to download my zip file at first run and unzip it to folder app (it is an offline app ;))

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There is an extension for that in extensions category, you just need to use the search button!

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I know that extension but i mean image component. And it does not load in listview

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I think it can be done if the listview is made with dynamic components extension, and using for each number loop you can set all the sbg images using svg image loader extension

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